About us Integrity / Innovation / Quality
Development Goals

In this globalised era, businesses worldwide are facing rapid transformation and tough challenges. To stay competitive, we continue to uphold our corporate mission with the motto “ Innovation; Profit sharing ; Quality first and Customer satisfaction “. Reinvest profit into R & D; facility upgrade & renewal; productivity & quality improvement are the steps taken to fulfil customers requirement for a mutual gain-gain cooperation.

We strongly believe that hard work and stay focus is the primary underlying driving force to be successful in business and to realize our company goal. The whole DH team is working tirelessly under a cordial relationship, shared hardship philosophy to strive for excellence resulting continual quality improvement and growth in company revenue for mutual benefits.

Looking forward, we will continue to upgrade our R&D strength to create more value-added features in our products, creating more brand awareness, strengthening competitiveness to gain market shares and maintain closer cooperation with international business partners. From our base in the Asia Pacific region we aim to reach for the world market. Under the umbrella of our management and a strong engineering team, continual sustainable success is to be achieved.